Job or School Placement

Placement within 90 days of completion:

  • Excellent 90-100 percent of completers get jobs or go on to full-time education
    Very good 86-89 percent
    Satisfactory 79-85 percent
    Needing attention 61-78 percent
    Unacceptable Less than 61 percent

Job retention after placement

Affiliates are required to keep track of job retention and report this data through the YouthBuild USA Affiliated Network WebSTA. The Affiliated Network has not yet established standards. However, a 204 study of 900 graduates indicates that the following averages have been achieved:

  • Programs have contact with more than 50 percent of graduates
  • More than 75 percent are still in jobs or school
  • About 25 percent are continuing education
  • Average wage is higher than it was at graduation