Average monthly attendance for all enrolled students

  • Excellent 93-100 percent are present or at planned off-site appointments
    Very good 85-92 percent
    Satisfactory 80-84 percent
    Needing attention 70-79 percent
    Unacceptable Below 70 percent

These are averages achieved for the full program cycle, including all enrolled students in all program components.

Two types of attendance records are kept:

  1. Actual attendance in terms of who is present at the program, or at planned off-site appointments
  2. Adjusted attendance, including excused absences.

The above performance standards are for actual attendance. The YouthBuild USA Affiliated Network has decided that in counting actual attendance, absences for sickness and family emergencies count as "absent" even when they are excused as a result of doctors' notices or documented need. Absences for events that are part of a student's leadership development plan may be counted as "present" (i.e., court dates, driver's ed classes, setting up child care for the semester, attendance at leadership conferences). When a site applies for full affiliation or accreditation, actual, not adjusted, attendance is examined.

Note: The National Rudy Awards for Perfect Attendance and the National Honors Awards are also based on actual attendance.