V. Honors Graduates

National Honors Awards

In April 1998, the YouthBuild USA Affiliated Network Policy Council accepted the recommendation of the Directors Association and other councils and implemented voluntary honors graduation standards. Students who fulfill the following requirements are considered Honors YouthBuild Graduates and are entitled to receive Honors Graduate certificates from YouthBuild USA. Graduates must:

  • Remain in the program for a minimum of six months (this may include students who have been deliberately placed in an appropriate job or school after six months, but before the program cycle is over)
  • Have an average overall attendance record of 90 percent or an overall attendance of 80-85 percent with 95 percent attendance for the last three months
  • Attain a GED or diploma
  • Pass a drug test and remain drug-free for at least one month before graduation
  • Meet the skill competencies developed by their individual program
  • Complete AmeriCorps service hours (if their program is an AmeriCorps site)

The Rudy Award for Perfect Attendance

The Rudy Award was created in 1991 by YouthBuild USA to honor Rudy Griffith, a YouthBuild Boston graduate who had perfect attendance. From 1991 on, the award was given annually to outstanding YouthBuild trainees who met the qualification of perfect attendance at their own programs.

To qualify for the award, a trainee must have a perfect attendance record and must have graduated from an affiliated YouthBuild program. Perfect attendance means that the student had only absences from the classrooms that were pre-planned with the staff, and that were part of his or her educational or leadership development plan. No absences for being sick, dependent's illnesses, or other unplanned absences are allowed. The perfect attendance must be reflected in the student's WebSTA records.

Rudy Award winners are given a plaque honoring their accomplishments, and a check for $100. In addition, their names will be added to the Rudy Award roster on the YouthBuild USA Web site so that they can share their success with their friends and family.

Local programs should submit names of National Honors or Rudy Award candidates to the YouthBuild USA Director of the Affiliated Network, who will check the length of stay, attendance, and GED data through WebSTA.