YBMC, Inc. (YouthBuild McLean County)

Program Name:

YBMC, Inc. (YouthBuild McLean County)

Service Area:

McLean County

Program Description

YouthBuild McLean County (YBMC) is a 501 (c)(3) organization (incorporated in 1996) specifically designed to comprehensively and simultaneously address issues that impact the lower income areas of the McLean County community including high school drop-outs and undereducated youth, lack of affordable housing, unemployment, and disempowerment of disadvantaged young people. Since its inception, YBMC has built over 50 units of affordable housing in McLean County. The program enrolls 50 to 70 students full-time for ten to eleven months each year. Students may earn a high school diploma or GED, AmeriCorps education awards, and industry certifications. Between 2002 and 2008, over 70 percent of the students completed the program, with over 50 percent receiving their GED or diploma, and greater than 85 percent employed or enrolled in college upon exit. YBMC receives funds and/or services from the Department of Labor, Housing and Urban Development, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), AmeriCorps, the Illinois Department of Human Services, as well as a variety of local corporations and foundations. YBMC has won awards or been recognized by The National Youth Employment Coalition, All-Means-All School to Work Award, and The Institute for Educational Leadership. Additionally, YBMC has been accredited by YouthBuild USA.

Eligibility Criteria:

Low-income youth 17 to 24 years of age in need of a high school diploma are eligible for the program.

Program Components


YBMC places strong emphasis on education. A curriculum approved by the Illinois State Board of Education is utilized. This curriculum is designed to be project-based, rigorous, and help students advance to the level required for college courses.

Vocational - On-Site Work

The vocational education provided by the program focuses on construction and rehabilitation of green, single and multi-family affordable housing. Industry-recognized certifications are offered in construction and property maintenance.

Leadership Development

Students are encouraged to develop their leadership skills by participating in service projects, civic engagement, and program and national leadership positions. In 2007-08 students completed over 27,000 hours of community service, with seven students elected to the YBMC policy committee and 4 students elected to the National Young Leader's Council.

2008 Program Funding Sources & Partnerships

(All non-state funding amounts were self reported)

  • Federal:
    • HUD and DOL $1,556,493.75
  • State
    • IDHS $ 73,542 .00
  • Other (Private/Public):
    • (Private/Public): $264,285.66

2008 Cost Per Youth

Total Cost Per Youth (All Sources) $16,522
Total Cost Per Youth (IDHS Funds Only) $1,599

2008 Program Statistics

Enrolled - YouthBuild Program 46

Demographic Information - Enrolled Participants

Males 37
Females 9
AA 24
Hispanic 1
Asian American 0
White 21
Average Age 19
Homeless Youth 8
Adjudicated Youth 24
Youth needing GED 39

2008 Outcomes

Youth Successfully Completing YouthBuild Program 37 or 81%
Employment At Program Completion
# becoming gainfully employed 19 or 51%
Average hourly wage $9.77
# employed at 6 months to be determined
Education At Program Completion
Completed youth receiving diploma/GED
(Five already had diplomas)
27 or 84%
# enrolled in full-time post-secondary education 17 or 46 %
# in post-secondary education in 6 months to be determined
Housing Units
Housing units built 7
Housing units remodeled 0
Adjudicated Youth Recidivism Rate unknown