February 9, 2009 PLANNING & GRANTS Sub-Committee Meeting

Illinois Juvenile Justice Commission

February 9, 2009
2:30 PM - 4:30 PM
Doubletree Hotel, Chicago

Call to Order

Meeting convened at 3:02 PM. 

Roll Call

Board Members: Patricia Connell, Chairperson, George Hill, Gene Griffin, Pamela Rodriguez, Wayne Straza, Rev. Charles Collins and Andrew Jones.  Quorum declared present.

Staff/Others: Karrie Rueter, Julie Stremlau, Deborah McCarrel, Ron Smith, and Mary O'Brien, Martarita Hanson-King.

Pat Connell asked for a motion to approve the minutes.  Wayne Straza motioned and George Hill seconded the motion.  All in favor, minutes approved.

Fiscal Update

Karrie Rueter gave the fiscal update (pdf).  Not all of the $100,000 for the Truancy Review Boards was allocated due to the lack of adequate RFPs.  We will request a no-cost extension for an additional year to spend this money if we cannot expend it in the designated time frame.

The plan is to issue an RFP for additional Truancy Review Boards.  The original terms will be changed to allow any general purpose unit of local government to apply if the schools within which they are proposing to work meet the previously set level of truancy.

Transportation Update

Franklin and Peoria sites responded to the inquiry about services since the budget cut.

Peoria has decided to make transportation available 12 hours per day rather than the previous 24 hours per day.  Ron reported that to his knowledge this cut has not resulted in any youth being held in adult jails or lock ups in violation of the federal mandate.  Franklin has responded to the cuts by reducing training

Both sites indicate they took the best choice in continuing to provide services but that it will continue to be difficult.  Ron Smith then reported on the number of status offender violations.  He reported that Madison had one violation and Franklin had 13, and Adams also had violations.  Pat Connell recommended that DHS address the issues with the counties, particularly in light of their receiving Commission money.  Karrie, Ron and Julie will review issues and address concerns.

Truancy Review Board Update

Mary O'Brien reported that all boards are up and running.  Three of the four quarterlies are in and are showing provision of services and success.  Sangamon County is doing well.  Madison served 28 youth and 19 showed school improvement.  The Committee approved taking this plan to the Commission for approval.  The new draft RFP will be sent out to the Commissioners in advance of the March meeting for comments and review.  Final approval will be requested at the March Commission meeting.

Youth Services - Medicaid Update

Karrie Rueter reported that contracts for both general revenue funds and Commission dollars are not out to providers yet.  If the contracts do not go out soon the money will lapse.  Issues arose within DHS between the Division of Mental Health and the Division of Community Health and Prevention.  Those conflicts are not resolved at this time.  An extension on the federal Commission dollars will be requested.

Defender Services Pilot Project

Pat Connell presented an overview of the proposal to the group (attached: FDLA IJJC Concept Paper (pdf)). This project has been reviewed and discussed for several months and at previous meetings. First Defense Legal Aid is seeking a grant from IJJC for $100,000 to expand and target their services to juveniles in at least one Chicago Police Department Area.  The services will include increased street law education in high schools, community groups, churches and service providers.  Representation will be afforded juveniles in the police station upon request, and those services will include follow up referrals for social services, as needed, as well as linkage with eventual counsel. There was a brief discussion.  Wayne Straza made a motion to approve that the Defender Services Pilot Project be presented to the Commission.  Pam Rodriquez seconded the motion.  The motion passed with George Hill voting no.

Annual Report Discussion

Karrie Rueter stated that the Commission's Annual Report to the Governor and Legislature is due.  A draft was sent out and she would like critiques and corrections as necessary.  Wayne Straza suggested a copy of the report be given to the Governor, our Illinois legislative leaders and the members of our Congressional delegation to let them know what the Illinois Juvenile Justice Commission is working on.  All agreed the Commission should access both new administrations, in Washington and Springfield.

3-Year Plan Discussion

The Title V application is due in March.  The draft presented was acceptable.  The Committee will present this plan to the Juvenile Justice Commission at the meeting tomorrow.

Other Business

Pat Connell presented a request from Kurt Friendenauer for $408,700 for the Department of Juvenile Justice.  The request included continued support for DJJ's efforts to rewrite the Juvenile Detention Center Standards and to monitor those facilities, to expand their use of JAIS and V-DISK into the male facilities, to hire a position of Clinical Services Manager to manage and provide oversight on behavioral health contracts, and to hire a new position of Administrator for Juvenile Field Services Aftercare.  Due to original under funding and recent budgetary cuts, the DJJ has a very hard time functioning.  Gene Griffin added he would like to see more aftercare programming and was not comfortable with the plan as presented, particularly the use of JAIS and V-DISK.  Pam Rodriguez motioned to table the discussion for the Commission meeting.  The Committee agreed.


Pam Rodriguez motioned to adjourn the meeting.  Rev. Collins seconded the motion.  Planning and Grants Committee Meeting was adjourned at 4:47 PM.