MR #13.25: Asset Changes for TANF, RRP & SNAP

Illinois Department of Human Services


Obsoletes Policy Memorandum dated 7/31/13.


  • This is a follow-up manual release to Policy Memorandum "Asset Changes for TANF, RRP & SNAP" dated 07/31/13.
  • Assets are not considered for TANF or RRP eligibility.
  • The value of vehicles is not considered for SNAP eligibility.  
  • Procedure for verification of vehicles as an AABD asset is clarified.

  1. Assets not Considered for TANF & RRP
  2. Value of Vehicles not Considered for SNAP
  3. Obsolete Type Action Reasons
  4. Obsolete Item 91 Asset Codes
  5. Form Revisions
  6. Verification of Vehicles for AABD
  7. Manual Revisions

Assets not Considered for TANF & RRP

Effective 08/01/13, due to the passage of Public Act 98-0114, assets are no longer considered for the TANF and RRP programs for initial or ongoing eligibility determinations. Do not ask a cash applicant about assets or require verification of assets unless the request is based on being aged, blind or disabled (AABD).

Very few persons seeking and receiving TANF or RRP have enough assets to prevent them from receiving benefits when assets are considered. By aligning asset policy with Family Health Plans, we are streamlining the application and redetermination process for both the customer and FCRC staff.

Value of Vehicles not Considered for SNAP

Federal regulations allow for the exemption of vehicles as an asset for SNAP if that asset is exempt under TANF. Since all assets are exempt for TANF, vehicles no longer need to be considered when determining asset eligibility for SNAP under any category of assistance. 

Obsolete Type Action Reasons

The following TAR's are obsolete for Categories 00, 04, 06:

  • TA 11/12, TAR 69 - Other Material Change in Assets
  • TA 11/12, TAR 72 - Consideration of Resources
  • TA 05/62, TAR 44 - Value of assets exceeds asset limit
  • TA 05/62, TAR 87 - Assets, as Verified by Unearned Income Data Match.
  • TA 81/82, TAR 41 - Excess Assets

Obsolete Item 91 Asset Codes

The following Item 91 asset codes are obsolete for Categories 00, 04, 06. They were centrally deleted from active cases as of 11/15/13. 

  • 701 - Liquid assets,
  • 703 - Equity value of all nonexempt assets
  • 704 - Life insurance cash value
  • 705 - Other non-liquid assets
  • 710 - Deferred non-homestead real property

Form Revisions

The following forms are in the process of being revised due to changes in asset policy for TANF and RRP:

  • Form 683A - SNAP Eligibility Worksheet
  • Form 360C - Notice of Decision on Application for Cash, medical and/or SNAP Benefits
  • Form 2383B - Supplement to Form IL444-2383C - TANF Cash Computation
  • Form 2383C - TANF Cash Computation Form
  • Form 2604 - Redetermination Fact Sheet
  • Form 3324 - Change in Reporting Requirements
  • Form 4002 - TANF Eligibility Information
  • Form 4764 - Redetermination Application
  • Form 4765 - Earned Income Redetermination Application

Verification of Vehicles for AABD

Assets continue to be considered for the AABD Cash and Medical programs.

Since vehicles are no longer considered as assets for TANF, RRP, or SNAP, the chart at WAG 25-03-07, Average Fair Market Values of Licensed Vehicles, is removed from the manual.

For AABD, accept the customer's statement of the value of vehicles over 5 years old, unless questionable. Verify fair market value of vehicles less than 5 years old. If the only motor vehicle the customer owns is exempt per PM 07-02-05, it is not necessary to verify fair market value.

Acceptable forms of verification of vehicle fair market value include:

  • payment books;
  • purchase agreements;
  • sales receipts;
  • financing records;
  • statements from dealers;
  • other records or documents indicating the vehicle's value.

Manual Revisions

[signed copy on file] 

Michelle R. B. Saddler

Secretary, Illinois Department of Human Services