APPENDIX F - Proposal Checklist

Proposal Checklist

Please use the checklist that is at the end of the RFP's pdf

Truancy Review Boards RFP (FY2010) (pdf)

The following is a detailed listing of what constitutes an acceptable response (application) to the RFP.


Is the applicant agency a unit of local government?
__ Yes __ No

Are the schools targeted by the ULG eligible based on the ISBE data found in the report card?
__ Yes __ No


The following items must be included, in the order below:

  1. Application and Plan for Human Services Program - Cover Page __
  2. This Completed "Proposal Content Checklist" __
  3. Cover Letter - OPTIONAL and NOT considered when scoring __
  4. Proposal Narrative Content __
    1. Executive Summary (1 page max) __
    2. Needs Statement __
    3. Applicant Qualifications/Organizational Capacity __
    4. Project Readiness __
    5. Program Design / Description of Services __
    6. Time Line (1 page max) __
    7. Evaluation (1 page max) __
    8. Spending Plan (Narrative - 2 page max) __
  5. Proposal Attachments
    (attachments follow the narrative and are not intermingled within the narrative. __


  • Narrative is 12 point font, single spaced, one-sided, white paper __
  • Narrative (section 4 this page) does not exceed 20 pages and follows page limits where prescribed, excluding the application cover page, checklist, attachments, assurances, and spending plan forms __
  • Attachments are appropriately labeled and ordered based on the corresponding narrative section __
  • Cover Page (section 1 this page) is signed by authorized official __
  • Package to be mailed includes one clearly identified original application __
  • and five complete copies __