GRF Walk-Up

GRF Walk to DHS FY10 Introduced Budget (All Numbers in Thousands)

Category Subtotal Amount
GRF FY09 Appropriations $4,208,861.0
Less Reserve ($90,899.1)
Subtotal ($90,899.1)
Community Health & Prevention
Early Intervention - Funding needed to support estimated program liability $2,107.9
Eliminate Legislative Add-ons ($2,710.0)
Community Health & Prevention Grant Program Reductions ($9,726.0)
Subtotal ($10,328.1)
Developmental Disabilities
DDLTC Prompt Payment $63,000.0
LIGAS - New Community Placements & System Rebalancing $20,793.0
Annualization of DCFS CILA transitions $5,269.5
Funding to support 180 additional CILA transitions from SODCs $4,989.1
Annualization of FY09 SODC transitions to CILA $3,927.9
SODC Operations $2,000.0
Home Based Services annualization $1,279.6
Eliminate Legislative Add-ons ($1,230.6)
Reduction to Autism Project ($490.0)
DD Specialized Services program attrition ($486.5)
Subtotal $99,052.0
Human Capital Development
HCD Contractual EBT $1,453.7
Funeral and Burial - increase in caseload and cost per case $3,430.5
Aid to the Aged, Blind and Disabled increase in caseload and cost per case $1,214.5
TANF $4,399.9
Child Care Liability Deferral ($48,392.4)
Food Banks $1,000.0
Subtotal ($36,893.8)
Mental Health
TDF resident growth and cost annualization $1,400.0
Money Follows the Person $4,408.1
Eliminate funding for SASS Flex, Urban System of Care, and Co-location Services ($2,300.0)
Finalize Fee for Service implementation ($1,572.0)
Shifting of Supportive MI Housing from General Revenue Funds to the Health and Human Services Medicaid Trust Fund ($13,965.0)
Mental Health Transportation $400.0
Community Mental Health Partnership Reduction ($294.0)
Subtotal ($11,922.9)
Rehabilitation Services
Home Services - Additional dollars support program growth and investment in the work force providing care to program participants. $24,952.7
DRS Schools $92.1
Lekotek Program Reduction ($57.0)
Subtotal $24,987.8
Administration /Program Support
Medications for Facilities $1,050.0
After hours medication cabinets $654.2
Medication Delivery System $397.9
Automation for Hub Pharmacies $1,076.8
CMS IT related $3,901.9
Commodity Central Inventory Systems $100.0
PC Inventory True Up ($1,870.2)
R & M $2,942.8
Other Ops savings related to headcount reduction ($62.8)
Commodities Shift from GRF to Mental Health fund ($12,300.0)
Subtotal ($4,109.4)
Overall Program Annualizations
Eliminate Legislative Add-Ons ($3,403.4)
Personal Services & Related ($13,497.2)
Lease Property Management $1,684.6
Subtotal ($15,216.0)
FY10 GRF Budget Request ($45,329.5) $4,163,531.6
Change from FY09 Appropriation ($45,329.4)