H. Totals

Annual State Application under Part C of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act as Amended in 2004
Federal Fiscal Year 2009

United States Department of Education
Office of Special Education Programs
Washington, DC 20202-2600

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OMB No. 1820-0550
Expires: 12/31/2009

CFDA No. 84.181a
ED Form No. 1 B20--26p

Section III (Continued)

H. Totals

Enter the subtotal amounts for Sub Sections A-G found in Section III and any indirect costs charged as specified in Section IV.B. The sub total amounts (Rows 1-8) should total the estimated grant application amount. (A State may apply for less than the full estimated allotted amount.)

Row No. Section Amount
1 III.A. $0
2 III.B. $0
3 III.C. $0
4 III.D. $0
5 III.E. (Direct Service) $17,507,371
5 III.E. (Direct Service Employees) $0
6 III.F. $0
7 III.G. $0
8 IV.B (Indirect Costs Charged) $0
(Rows 1-8)