2008 September 10 - DMC Sub-Commitee Meeting

Illinois Juvenile Justice Commission

September 10, 2008
8:00 AM - 10:00 AM
Hotel Orrington
Evanston, Illinois

I. Call to Order

Meeting was called to order at 8:20 am by Rev. Charles Collins, Chair.

II. Roll Call

Commissioners Present: Gene Griffin, Rodney Ahitow, Reverend Collins, Gary Leofanti.

Staff Present: Miguel Millett, Karrie Rueter, Julie Stremlau, Deb McCarrel, Susan Cowen, Anne Cox. Quorum present when Mr. Leofanti joined the meeting.

III. Approval of Minutes

DMC April 2008 minutes were approved by the Committee.

IV. DMC Coordinators Meeting

Miguel Millett reported on the DMC Coordinators meeting in July. This meeting is where they discuss initiatives and move forward with projects the DMC Coordinator manages.

V. Quarterly Reports

The DMC Committee wanted to ensure each site had uniform reports across the board.  The change in the quarterly reports structure was made to hold the providers more accountable in terms of data collections.  Apparently the data was not being gathered properly.  In 2005, Federal regulations mandated that data be collected which included incorporating the data across the nine decision points of the juvenile justice system.  They found the reports were not including this data.  To ensure the data is correct and timely quarterly reports are now required so they can notice trends,  increase in arrests, etc.  The reports will help monitor the trends and identify needs. It will also help accuracy and DMC overall. Mr. Millett  provided a handout of the nine decision points. They are attached.

For data information a statistical formula is used to show the areas of need, improvement, etc. and to get accurate data.  An expert on DMC from University of Illinois Chicago, Dr. Jeffery Butts, helped determine the data analysis tool.

VI. FY09 Program Plans

Upon review the new program plans didn't appear to have enough information so Karrie Rueter and Miguel Millett worked on a new program plan format for the sites. There is a need for a good tool to contain more information and to have a thorough packet of information.  Copies of the Program Plan format were distributed to the committee.  A copy of the plan is attached.

Karrie Rueter talked about the plan and the program data page of the new program plan.  Karrie stated that this is a big step forward as it will capture necessary information.

VII. Racial Coding Manual

The MacArthur Foundation's Models for Change is working with the IJJC on a Racial Coding Manual to train appropriate juvenile justice  stakeholders.  This is needed to ensure we capture the right data.  The DMC Committee and Pat Connell have reviewed and approved the draft document.  It is a tool on how to capture ethnicity.  It defines the difference between race and ethnicity and explains the steps to take to gain this information and why it is needed.  They are currently trying to put it into more of a standard format for distribution.  At the Department of Juvenile Justice they are using it at the intake stage.  This manual can really help people understand why it is so important that we gather this information.  The final version of this manual is not available at this time but will be finalized soon.

VIII. Cook County DMC Presentation

A presentation by Cook County DMC was given on July 31st.  This presentation was done for 12 delegates from Germany.  It was a full presentation and a great exchange of information of juvenile justice and the education system, etc.  This was a full presentation.  It was a great source of information and exchange of ideas.  DMC is not just a US problem; it exists in other areas of the world.  The delegates were amazed by the fact that police officers are present in the schools.  We will maintain contact with these delegates for continued exchange of information which is beneficial to everyone.

IX. DMC / GEAR UP Student Leadership Conference

Teen REACH and GEAR UP work together.  This conference is held at University of Illinois at Champaign/Urbana.  There were workshops and cultural activities to help prepare the children for what college life will be like.  The conference was very successful.  There are Juvenile Justice Workshops.  A Department of Corrections colleague presented to the youth to share their experience.  A professional development workshop was provided.  This was a powerful event of about 200 kids from Cairo, IL to Chicago, IL.  Amtrak was utilized to get the kids to the city and then Champaign buses were used to pick up the kids at no charge.  There was newspaper coverage and television coverage.  They came for one story and were so impressed they returned to campus a second time.  It was really powerful.  This conference was a complete success.

X. Chapin Hall DMC Survey / Evaluation Update

The DMC on-line survey with Dr. Jeffery Butts was discussed.  It is a practice of the Juvenile Justice system to categorize in terms of race, ethnicity, etc.  Peoria and South Suburban Cook were chosen as sites.  It has taken a while to get this survey going.  The appropriate stakeholders are necessary for this and currently we are set to go in Peoria County and South Suburban Cook County.  Mr. Millett indicated they are still working on identifying the appropriate people in Winnebago County.  Dr. Butts has asked the Commission to approve Mr. Gary Leofanti, IJJC Chair, to sign a letter asking for support of this initiative.  It was noted that there is a need for a comparative group.  After some discussion, it was recommended to go with what we have and that is currently Peoria and suburban Cook.  Hopefully we will be able to get these names, everyone on board and the letter from Mr. Leofanti out soon so we can move forward.  The plan is to have the entire survey complete and ready to review recommendations by December.

XI. Models for Change Collaboration Update

Models for Change is also working on developing a report that discusses Redeploy, JDAI and DMC.  This data-driven evidence report will show how the programs compliment each other.  Mr. Millett stated they are looking at what kind of data we have and are working with Judge John Payne to get this report together.  This report will be useful to Illinois but also useful on a national level.

The Chicago Urban League has a proposal in for Models for change to do a DMC Awareness campaign.  The Chicago Urban League is great for reaching large audiences, TV and other media.  Their message is very action-based, not just awareness.  It is geared toward what you can do in your community to alleviate DMC in your community.

XII.  Site Updates

The Englewood DMC Informational event of passing out brochures and packets was extremely successful. Englewood is a pilot site.  They also established an entire parent committee in Englewood, which is crucial for success.

In St. Clair County, they received a Reclaiming Futures grant.  They are one of six sites in the nation that applied and received the grant.  This establishes a juvenile drug court with over $180,000 for technical assistance, evaluations and training.  This came from the Robert Woods Johnson Foundation.

The Peoria DMC initiatives are focused on the schools.  BARJ and Peace Keeping is what they use.  There seems to be a change of heart from the Peoria state's attorney to do the Peace Keeping Training.  This will establish a peer jury.  The goal is to have the punishment fit the crime and for the offenders to be reprimanded by their peers instead of adults.  The Two Tier Warrant System has still not been approved.

South Suburban Cook has participated in the Summer Work program.  Angela Green was able to secure 300 jobs for youth this summer.  The idea was to complete the Community Mapping and to hire kids to get the job done. The mapping was completed and the kids were given jobs.

XIII. New Business / Other

The Bureau of Youth Services and Delinquency Prevention recently had a Federal Site Review.  Mr. Millett indicated the visit went well.  Mr. Millett, Karrie Rueter and Kristie Brackens, OJJDP State Representative, visited Macon County and reviewed files.  Ms. Brackens found Illinois in compliance.  A copy of the letter from the Department of Justice is attached.

XIV. Adjourn

Rodney Ahitow motioned to adjourn the meeting, Gary Leofanti seconded.  Rev. Collins adjourned the meeting at 10:07 AM.