Secretary's Transmittal Letter

April 2009

To: The Honorable Members of the General Assembly

In compliance with Public Act 79-1035, we are pleased to submit the 2008 Human Services Plan on behalf of the State of Illinois Department of Human Services. This report delivers strategies that support and guarantee a familycentered, seamless human services delivery system.

This report describes the goals and objectives, performance measurements and accomplishments of the DHS' six program divisions. It includes a view toward the future, FY 2009 through FY 2011, guided by the forecasts indicated in the plan. It reflects a heightened quality of services due to the pursuit of excellence in planning and commitment to best practices. In this regard, we continue to explore better, more effective technology to enhance access and outreach. In these dire economic times, public and private collaborations have proven successful because of our ongoing efforts to forge strategic partnerships in the pursuit of new and viable resources.

We hope that this document will serve as a ready-reference which you can avail yourselves of when essential information about the Illinois Department of Human Services is required. We deeply appreciate your continued support. Thank you.


Carol L. Adams, Ph.D.