Insured Children

The Reduction of Infant Mortality in Illinois

The Family Case Management Program and Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC)

The graph displays the proportion of children in the WIC program who were covered by public or private health insurance.

WIC - Eligible Children with Health Insurance
FY04 - FY08

Chart 6: WIC - Eligible Children with Health Insurance - FY04 - FY08

Description of Chart 6: WIC - Eligible Children with Health Insurance - FY04 - FY08

Mar-03 86.33%
Jun-03 86.87%
Sep-03 87.06%
Dec-03 88.25%
Mar-04 89.45%
Jun-04 89.10%
Sep-04 89.92%
Dec-04 88.90%
Mar-05 90.80%
Jun-05 91.80%
Sep-05 90.23%
Dec-05 91.08%
Mar-06 90.50%
Jun-06 92.95%
Sep-06 93.74%
Dec-06 92.81%
Mar-07 92.61%
Jun-07 87.14%
Sep-07 95.40%
Dec-07 95.76%
Mar-08 94.89%
Jun-08 95.73%

Health insurance is essential for access to health care services. Virtually every child on WIC is, by definition, eligible for the State of Illinois' All Kids program. The Department has been working with the IDHFS to increase the proportion of WIC-eligible children who also are enrolled in All Kids if they are not covered by their parents' health insurance. Local WIC/FCM agencies have been trained and certified by the IDHFS as "All Kids Application Agents." Local WIC program staff assist eligible families in applying for coverage through All Kids.

When this project began in September 2000, a total of 86 percent of WIC?enrolled infants and children were documented in the Cornerstone system as having All Kids or private insurance coverage. Due to the continued efforts of local WIC agency staff, this proportion has steadily increased; by June 2008, 95.7 percent were documented as having health insurance.