Check List for Adult HBS

Checklist To Apply For Adult Home-Based Support Services (HBS) 

The Independent Service Coordination (ISC) agency for your area will help you with all the steps outlined below:

  • Contact the Individual Services Coordination agency for your area for help with the process to assess eligibility and apply for HBS services. (Note: This is probably the agency that interviewed you and enrolled you on the PUNS database. If you are unsure of the contact information, please call 1-888-DDPLANS and, when prompted by the recording, type in your ZIP Code. You will be connected with your local ISC agency.)
  • Gather any existing documentation from schools and other professionals that the PAS staff may be able to use for eligibility determination. (For example, a psychological evaluation completed within the past 5 years, any medical history, and any other applicable assessments.)
  • Work with the local DHS Family Community Resource Center to complete an application for Medicaid, unless you are already enrolled in a Medicaid program.
  • Participate in any needed additional appointments to complete eligibility determination.
  • Choose an agency to provide HBS Service Facilitation. ISC agency staff can provide information on these services and the agencies that provide these services.
  • Work with the ISC agency to complete the application packet for HBS services. Receive an award letter authorizing services. Services may not begin until this award letter is received.
  • Work with the HBS Service Facilitator to plan services and complete an Individual Service Plan. You must also complete Service Agreements and Service Authorizations.