Cash, SNAP, and Medical Manual

revised textLAST UPDATE 10/20/2021 Policy Memo: System Changes to Accommodate Applications Received Prior to an Individual's Release from Certain Department of Correction or State Mental Health Facilities - Phase 1

Manual Release: MR #21.23: October 2021 Increase in SNAP Allotments, Utility Standards, Income and Deduction Standards

Action Memo: Special Units to Handle Applications for Afghanistan Parolees

Manual Release: MR #21.22: TANF Payment Level Increase/IED Levels

Manual Release: MR #21.21: Change in SNAP Eligibility for Residents of Certain Supportive Living Facilities

The Cash, SNAP, and Medical Policy Manual and Workers' Action Guide is in OneNet format, for easier use and enhanced accessibility. The following are the major sections of the manual:

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The current WAG 25-03-02 contains income standards for all programs.

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