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Deaf Mentor Services

An important part of the Early Intervention Team

A guide to understanding Deaf Mentors as part of the Early Intervention team for families of children with hearing loss.

Deaf Mentors are adults with hearing loss trained to provide families in Early Intervention with:

  • a language model in the family's chosen methods of communication
  • a variety of fun and educational language modeling activities
  • personal experiences growing up with a hearing loss
  • information on assistive technology for individuals with hearing loss
  • a link to local resources for individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Deaf Mentors are an important part of the Early Intervention team who:

  • bill through the Early Intervention Central Billing Office
  • are enrolled in the Illinois Early Intervention System under the Family Support service descriptor
  • provide 6 month and annual reports and attend Individual Family Service Plan meetings
  • work closely with the team's Developmental Therapist Hearing (DTH)
  • consult with all members of the team

Deaf Mentors can be added to a child's Early Intervention team by:

  • determining the families chosen communication mode
  • sharing strategies for Individual Family Service Plan outcomes consistent with Deaf Mentor services
  • sharing your interest in mentoring services with the Child and Family Connections Service Coordinator
  • contacting Hearing and Vision Early Intervention Outreach (HV/EIO) to identify a communication 'match' with a trained Deaf Mentor
  • completing service authorization paperwork (Service Coordinator)
  • discussing service initiation with the family and team

Contact Hearing and Vision Early Intervention Outreach (HV/EIO) to apply to become a Deaf Mentor or for assistance in matching a family with a Deaf Mentor at:

Hearing and Vision Early Intervention Outreach
125 Webster Avenue
Jacksonville, IL 62650

217-479-4320 (v/tty)

217-479-4328 fax

Check the back of this brochure for a Deaf Mentor in your area.





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