Methods of Disseminating the EEO/AA Policy/Plan

Dissemination of the Affirmative Action Policy and Plan

Affirmative Action Policy Dissemination

  1. The policy statement of the Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS) regarding equal employment opportunity, nondiscrimination and affirmative action is included as a handout in the New Employee Orientation. A similar policy statement is also included in the IDHS "Employee Handbook" received by all IDHS employees. This IDHS policy can also be accessed through the IDHS intra/internet. Federal policy regarding nondiscrimination in the workplace are posted on all official bulletin boards in all Department offices and facilities, along with brochures informing staff and applicants of their rights under federal, state and local laws, rules, regulations, and Governor's Office Executive Orders.
  2. The IDHS Affirmative Action Policy Statement is distributed to all colleges and universities, and community agencies and organizations that are regularly contacted for staff recruitment purposes. The IDHS Affirmative Action Policy Statement is also available to any organizations or individuals upon request.

Affirmative Action Plan Dissemination

  1. The IDHS Affirmative Action Plan is sent via email to the IDHS Executive Leadership members, upon approval.
  2. Copies of the complete IDHS Affirmative Action Plan are available upon request to all employees through the Department's central offices.
  3. Two copies of the IDHS Affirmative Action Plan will be sent to the Illinois State Library (as required by law) and sent electronically, to other State and Federal regulatory agencies, to all affirmative action recruitment sources, and to any other organizations or individuals, upon request.
  4. Electronically the IDHS Affirmative Action Plan is available on the Agency Intranet and Internet sites.