Section 11.3: Administrative Desk Audit Methodology

Part III: Program Evaulation and Monitoring

The Administrative Desk Audit assures compliance with administrative requirements not reviewed through the clinical audit and grant application processes. The timeframe for the frequency of the desk audits is based on a tiered schedule (6 months, 2, 3, or 4 years) for audits based on each delegate's compliance with program requirements.

Desk Audit Coordination:

  1. Depending on the scheduled timeframe for review, each delegate agency will receive notification and a checklist of all materials that must be submitted to IDHS for the Administrative Desk Audit.
  2. The delegate will have four weeks to prepare and submit the requested documents to the IDHS program staff.
  3. The IDHS staff will conduct and complete the desk audit review, including a written report with recommendations for each delegate agency within four weeks.
  4. The delegate will be given an approval/disapproval status of the Administrative Desk Audit. If approved the delegate will be scheduled for the next Desk Audit in two to four years, depending on whether the audit was rated as acceptable, accomplished or exceptional. If the desk audit is not approved, the delegate will be asked to either submit more information and/or will be scheduled for a technical assistance visit within 6 months.

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