Section 7.0: Client Services

Part II: Guidelines for Client Services and Clinic Management

Delegate agencies funded under Title X must provide clinical, informational, educational, social and referral services to family planning clients seeking such services. Policies and procedures must be in place to address the needs of clients with limited English proficiency (LEP). All delegate agencies must offer a broad range of acceptable and effective medically approved family planning methods and services. Exceptions must be approved by IDHS.

Part II of this Guidelines Manual has been developed to assist the delegate agencies in determining those services that must be provided to fulfill the mission and requirements of Title X and the IDHS.

  • Delegates must provide the services stipulated in the law or regulations, or which are required by the Title X Program Guidelines or by the IDHS for the provision of high quality family planning services.
  • Delegates may also provide services that are intended to promote the reproductive and general health care of the family planning client population.

All delegate agencies must have a process in place to inform all clients of their rights and responsibilities related to the delivery of family planning services. Suggested approaches include:

  1. Use of a consent form that delineates the client rights and responsibilities.
  2. Posting of a "Patient Bill of Rights" in common areas within the clinic.
  3. Providing each client with an informational brochure explaining his or her rights and responsibilities.
  4. A verbal explanation followed by a signed statement indicating that the client's rights and responsibilities