6.6 Training and Technical Assistance

Part I: Guidelines for Delegate Agency Program Management and Administration

Delegate agencies must provide for orientation and in-service training specific to family planning for all project personnel. All project staff should participate in continuing education related to their job duties. They should be offered the opportunity to attend targeted family planning training programs, such as the Region V training programs and IDHS sponsored training events. Delegate agency staff members should make every effort to attend Regional Family Planning update meetings and Family Planning Advisory Council meetings. Delegate agencies must send staff to all mandated program trainings.

To fulfill the training needs of its staff, delegates should annually conduct: (1) an assessment of the training needs of their staff; and (2) an evaluation of the scope and effectiveness of all educational programs offered. As a result of these assessment and evaluation activities, delegates should:

  • Develop educational opportunities to assist in meeting identified needs;
  • Plan future in-service training programs;
  • Evaluate staff response to any in-service training offered;
  • Determine any changes needed in established training programs; and,
  • Report training needs to the IDHS.

Delegates should have one person assigned to develop in-house training capabilities. Funding for training and continuing education should be included in each year's operating budget.

New staff participating in the delegate's family planning program must be provided with an appropriate orientation by experienced family planning staff. The orientation must include a thorough review of the materials specified in the IDHS New Employee Orientation Material for Family Planning Checklist (Refer to Appendix G).

Family planning staff must receive or have previously had training in the following areas, as indicated:

  • The unique social practices, customs and beliefs of under-served or minority populations of the service area, and those with Limited English Proficiency (LEP).
  • Prevention, transmission and infection control in the health care setting of sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV
  • Specialized Services to adolescents
  • Pregnancy options counseling
  • Illinois' Mandated Reporting Requirements and Sexual Coercion Resistance Training
  • Compliance with regulatory entities such as, OSHA, CLIA and HIPAA

Program medical directors and physicians must provide evidence of annual continuing medical education in reproductive health. Advance Practice Nurses shall maintain evidence of continuing education to comply with their licensure/certification process.

Delegate agencies are required to report attendance at training sessions and continuing education programs on a semi-annual basis using the Training Attendance Form. (Refer to Section 6.7 Reporting Requirements).

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