6.4 Facilities and Accessibility of Services

Part I: Guidelines for Delegate Agency Program Management and Administration

The IDHS requires that all of its family planning service sites are safe, geographically accessible, comfortable, efficient for service provision and designed to ensure that privacy, dignity and confidentiality are maintained for the client throughout all aspects of the family planning visit including interviewing, counseling, dressing, examination and billing transactions.

Family planning facilities must comply with 45 CFR Part 84, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of handicap.

All IDHS family planning service sites must be clean and attractive and meet the following requirements according to the Federal Government, the State of Illinois, and local municipal codes:

  • Accessible for patients with disabilities
  • Adequately equipped examination rooms
  • Adequate seating in waiting room area(s) for patients and visitors
  • Adequate heating, ventilation and electrical systems
  • Adequate space for administrative functions and maintenance of medical records
  • Current certificate for elevator inspection available, if applicable
  • Fire protection that meets local codes (e.g. smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, etc.)
  • Fire/emergency evacuation plan that is posted and available to staff and clients
  • Fire drills conducted and documented annually, at a minimum
  • Geographic accessibility and located along public transportation routes
  • Adequate restrooms
  • Lighting for all areas
  • Visible identifying sign(s)
  • Written procedures for the management of non-medical and medical emergencies

If the delegate performs surgical procedures, such as sterilization, onsite, the facility must be accredited by the State of Illinois and meet US DHHS, Ambulatory Health Care Standards.

In addition, facilities should have hours of operation that are scheduled at times that are convenient to those seeking services. In an effort to assure accessible and acceptable client services, it is strongly encouraged that each delegate agency offers late afternoon, evening, and/or weekend clinic hours.

Delegate agencies must notify the IDHS Family Panning Program well in advance of any clinic moves, additions or closures. Refer to Appendix F for the IDHS procedures regarding facility changes.

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