6.2 Delegate Agency Program Planning

Part I: Guidelines for Delegate Agency Program Management and Administration

All delegate agencies receiving Title X funds must provide services of high quality and be competently and efficiently administered. In addition, the delegates must work with IDHS to address the Title X Program priorities and Key Issues impacting Title X, established by the Department of Health and Human Services/ Office of Population Affairs. IDHS has also established statewide program goals and objectives. To assist in meeting these requirements, each delegate must prepare an annual Work Plan for their family planning program that identifies specific activities to meet the Program's measurable objectives for the coming year. The Work Plan must also include evaluation measures and define indicators by which the delegate agency intends to evaluate itself. The Work Plan is a major component of the annual grant application in an ongoing monitoring process. Refer to Section 3.3 and Appendix A of this manual for more information on the Work Plan, the grant application and its required elements.

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