6.1 Structure of the Grantee

Part I: Guidelines for Delegate Agency Program Management and Administration

As a Grantee of Title X funds in Illinois, IDHS is responsible to the Federal government for the quality, cost, accessibility, reporting, and performance of the family planning services provided by its delegate agencies under the Title X grant. As such, IDHS will provide delegate agencies with the materials, resources, technical assistance, and consultation that will assure that each individual agency has all the information required to meet all applicable Federal and State regulations. All requests for onsite technical assistance should be forwarded to IDHS in writing.

The IDHS must have a written agreement for services with each delegate agency. It is the responsibility of the delegate to ensure that every effort is directed to total compliance with regulations. If the delegate agency wishes to subcontract any of its responsibilities or services, a written negotiated agreement that is consistent with Title X requirements must be approved by IDHS prior to the execution of the subcontract. (To subcontract means that a significant part of the program is being performed by another agency through a negotiated agreement and IDHS approval is necessary). If a delegate agency uses a single referral source for the provision of a particular clinical service (example: insertion of an intrauterine device), a formal agreement must be signed, but it does not require prior approval by the IDHS.

Administrative, clinical, community outreach and financial reviews of each delegate must be performed by IDHS annually. For additional information about the evaluation activities of the family planning program, refer to Part III of this manual.

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