Section 4.0: Grant Administration

Part I: Guidelines for Delegate Agency Program Management and Administration

All projects must comply with IDHS and Federal grants administration requirements as detailed throughout this manual. Family Planning Coordinators must be familiar with the DHHS/OPA Program Guidelines for Project Grants for Family Planning Services, January, 2001, the Title X law and regulations and the Illinois Administrative Code for Family Planning (Refer to Tab 6).

Delegate agencies must understand the legal issues and legislative mandates associated with the provision of family planning as defined in Section 5.0.

Delegate agencies must have a system for project management that includes a Family Planning Governing Board and/or an Advisory Board to review general program/policy issues and make recommendations to the agency on the organization, as well as the management and operation of its family planning program. Program management systems must meet administrative requirements for personnel and training, financial and progress reporting, approval of education materials, community participation, program promotion, publications and discoveries. (Refer to Section 6.0 this manual).

Delegate agencies must provide all Title X required services as defined in this manual in Sections 7.0 and 8.0 and may provide related services as described in Section 9.0.

All projects receiving Title X funds must provide services efficiently and assure they are of high quality. (Refer to Section 10.0 and Part III Program Evaluation included in this manual).