MR #08.32: Central Budgeting of Pay- In Spenddown Payments for FS

MR #08.32: Central Budgeting of Pay-In Spenddown Payments for FS


  • Effective 01/09, customers who participate in the Pay-in Spenddown process and receive food stamps will have their pay-in payments centrally budgeted as an FS medical expense deduction.
  • The system will keep track of all spenddown payments paid to the central Pay-in Spenddown Unit each month by RIN.
  • For group 22 cases, the system centrally enters the total payment amount as new Item 80 code 382 FSPME using TA 31 and new TAR C5.
  • For all other categories, code 382 FSPME will only be entered if FS are active.
  • Code 382 FSPME in Item 80 will hold the payment amount and the month and year the payment will be budgeted as an FS medical expense deduction (Item 80 code 352 TME).
  • The Pay-in Spenddown payments will be budgeted two months after the customer makes the payment. 
  • Payments received in November by the Pay-in Spenddown Unit will be budgeted effective 01/09 for FS.
  • Following the transaction to budget the payment, the system uses TA 32 and new TAR C6 to centrally delete code 382 FSPME.
  • New Mobius Local Office Report # 50471591 is created. The first report showing November payments will be available in Mobius 12/03/08.
  • Form 157c is revised with a new message.