IBHE IITAA Purchasing Workgroup

The IBHE IITAA Purchasing Workgroup, hosted by iCITA at the University of Illinois, is working to identify and develop resources to help ensure that IT purchases meet applicable IITAA requirements. For more information, or to join the IBHE IITAA Purchasing Workgroup, please see:

Voluntary Product Accessibility Template

The Voluntary Product Accessibility Template, or VPAT, is a checklist that can be used to solicit basic feedback from a vendor about how a product complies with relevant accessibility standards. The current draft of the IITAA VPAT is modeled after, and very similar to, the Section 508 VPAT document used by the Federal government. The draft iCITA Web Accessibility Template proposes more detailed response codes:

Example VPATS

Comments, Questions & Suggestions

Please email comments, questions, and suggestions to dhs.accessibility@illinois.gov.