City Year, Inc.

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City Year AmeriCorps

Program Description:

City Year unites diverse young adults to serve on a team for 10 months. City Year's goals are to generate transformative community service, break down social barriers, inspire citizens to civic action, develop new leaders, and improve and promote the concept of voluntary national service. Corps members will provide one-on-one literacy tutoring to Chicago Public School elementary students, after school programming and a leadership development Saturday program for middle school students. After school programs include homework assistance and programs to strengthen their leadership skills with an emphasis on cultural awareness.

Primary Contact:

Jewan Garner
36 South Wabash
Suite 1500
Chicago, IL 60603
County: Cook
Phone: (312) 423-7178
Fax: (312) 464-1736

Host Sites:

Brunson Elementary

932 N Central Ave
Chicago, IL 60651
County: Cook
Phone: (773) 534-6025

Donoghue Charter

1313 East 60 St
Chicago, IL 60637
County: Cook
Contact: Nicole Lliev
Phone: (773) 834-2142

Doolittle Elementary School

521 E 35 St
Chicago, IL 60616
County: Cook
Phone:(773) 535-1050

Jacques Marquette Elementary

6550 South Richmond St
Chicago, IL 60629
County: Cook
Contact: Paul O'Toole
Phone: (773) 535-9260
Fax: (773) 535-9266

Julia Ward Howe Elementary

720 North Lorel Ave
Chicago, IL 60644
County: Cook
Contact: Vanessa Young
Phone: (773) 534-6060
Fax: (773) 534-6080

Paul Revere Elementary

1010 East 72 St
Chicago, IL 60619
County: Cook
Contact: Veronica Thompson
Phone: (773) 535-0618
Fax: (773) 535-0620

North Kenwood/Oakland Charter School

1119 East 46 St
Chicago, IL 60653
County: Cook
Contact: Stacy Beardsley
Phone: (773) 536-2399
Fax: (773) 536-2435

Spencer Elementry

214 Lavergne Ave
Chicago, IL 60644
County: Cook
Contact: Romrie Cleaves
Phone: (773) 534-6150