Module C: Policies and Procedures Compliance

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Does the Program: Y NI N NA
1. Have a local recruitment plan that encourages diversity?
2. Provide reasonable accommodations for disabled member(s)?
3. Support Members in getting a GED and in post-service educational transitions?
4. Encourage, but not require, Members to vote and allow Members time to vote with no penalty?
5. Allow Members to serve on a jury with no penalty?
6. Allow Members to serve in the Armed Forces with no penalty?
7. Provide Members with appropriate supervision by qualified supervisors in accordance with approved application?
8. Ensure that supervisors are appropriately trained and knowledgeable about AmeriCorps?
9. Report serious injuries to the ICVCS program officer?
10. Apply service release and resumption policies appropriately in compliance with the Drug-Free Workplace Act?
11. Ensure that the program does not supplant or duplicate services or displace employees?
12. Have policies to ensure that Members do not engage in prohibitive activities?
13. Obtain written approval of program changes from ICVCS Program Officer when required?
14. Institute appropriate safety precautions for Members?
15. Track progress toward achievement of program objectives?
16. Demonstrate that the program is on-track in terms of meeting its objectives?
17. Produce reports that accurately capture program accomplishments?
18. Ensure the Members are primarily engaged in activities as described in cooperative agreement?
19. Use AmeriCorps logo and participate in AmeriCorps events?
20. Provide on-going training that ensures that Members are adequately skilled to perform their service?
21. Provide Member orientation that covers Commission mandated topics?
22. Provide Citizenship training?
23. Utilize community volunteers?
24. Meet the qualifications, for members serving as tutors, under CFR 2522.910 through 2522.940?

Early Issue Detection

Are there any financial issues not mentioned above? What is the corrective action plan for those issues and issues listed above?