Module B: Financial Compliance

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Does the Program: Y NI N NA
1. Have a current A-133 audit or current financial statements available?
2. If there were findings, were they responded to and resolved?
3. Obtain written approval from the ICVCS prior to significant budgetary changes?
4. Have written cost allocation procedures?
5. Sign and indicate payment on invoices and vouchers?
6. Have receipts/vouchers consistent with ledger, histories, and expenditure reports?
7. Accurately track and monitor expenditures by budget line item?
8. Accurately distinguish receipts and disbursements attributable to the grant from those non-attributed?
9 Have receipts/vouchers/source documents for each purchase or expenditure?
10. Keep administrative cost charged to the grant within the 5% cap?
11. Obtain ICVCS prior approval for equipment purchases when required?
12. Meet matching requirements?
13. Accurately document and track cash matching contributions?
14. Accurately document and track in-kind matching contributions?
15. Have vouchers for in-kind contributions?
16. Have liability insurance that properly covers Members?
17. Have Worker's Compensation coverage for Members?
18. Have family and medical leave coverage for Members where appropriate?
19. Notify changes to healthcare providers as required by the healthcare policy?
20. Have a healthcare policy for full time Members not otherwise covered?
21. Inform members receiving Medicaid, they are not eligible to waive AmeriCorps healthcare?
22. Provide information on child care for eligible Members?
23. Have signed staff time and attendance records indicating time spent on various activities, e.g. AmeriCorps grants, other projects, etc?
24. Withhold personal income tax and FICA from Member living allowance?
25. Distribute living allowance appropriately?
26. Stay within the daily maximum rate for consultants ($540.00)?
27. Have accounting records consistent with information on PER/FSRs?
28. Have approval for any subcontracts and maintain appropriate documentation of subgrant agreements?

Are there any financial issues not mentioned above? What is the corrective action plan for those issues and issues listed above?