Attachment 27 - Member File Checklist

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Attachment 27 - Member File Checklist (pdf)

Serve Illinois: Commission on Volunteerism and Community Service

AmeriCorps Member File Checklist

Program Name/Location:

Member Name:

Are the following items in the Member's File Yes No
Member application
Member enrollment form signed and dated:
Proof of age (Driver's license, birth certificate, etc.):
Photo ID
Parental consent form (If member is under 18):
Signed Member contract that stipulates the following:
the minimum number of service hours and other requirements necessary for completion and education award;
acceptable conduct;
prohibited activities;
requirements under the Drug-Free Workplace Act (41 U.S.C. §701 et seq.);
suspension and termination rules;
the specific circumstances under which a member may be released for cause;
the position description;
ensure members do not participate in prohibited fundraising
grievance procedures;
other requirements as established by the Program.
Criminal background check:
Where background issues reviewed by the program prior to enrollment?:
Are they signed and dated by both the member and the site supervisor?
Are they up to date?
Do the timesheets track training, fundraising, and service hours separately.
Does the WBRS report match the Member timesheet?:
Documentation of citizenship/naturalization/resident alien status (birth certificate, passport, etc.:
High-School Diploma or Equivalency:
Documentation of Health Care Enrollment (Full Time Member):
Documentation of Child Care Enrollment (Full Time Member):
Tax documents:
Loan Forbearance Request form (if applicable):
Publicity release form:
Member discipline documentation:
Mid-term performance evaluation:
End of term performance evaluation:
*Member End of Term/Exit Form (if member has exited)*:
*Documentation of Compelling Personal Circumstances (if applicable)*:
Change of Status/Term Form (if applicable):

** Items surrounded by an asterisk are files for which WBRS is the document of record. You should still keep paper copies of these items as a primary source. However, since WBRS automatically makes corrections, you should recognize that there might be some discrepancies between the paper copy and the WBRS copy. This is acceptable since WBRS is the official record.

This checklist is based on the 08-09 AmeriCorps Provisions. Please be aware when you are looking at files from other program years that there are differences in the provisions from year to year.