Attachment 13 - Child Care Checklist

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Attachment 13 - Child Care Checklist (pdf)

Checklist for Supporting Documents*


Copies of:

  • Birth Certificate for each child needing care
  • Court issued document of legal custody, if member is legal guardian or foster parent of child needing care
  • Marriage license if child needing care is stepchild of member
  • Proof of salary and wages during 4 most recent, consecutive pay periods for each household member. This includes the member if he/she has income in addition to the living allowance
  • Proof of member's living allowance (copy of print out from WBRS is acceptable)
  • Official proof of all other types of income (SSI, military pay, child support, alimony, etc.) Contact your Program Director or NACCRRA Child Care Coordinator for countable income that is required by your state


Copies of:

  • Child care provider's social security card, if provider is unlicensed
  • License, registration, or certification, if child care provider is licensed, registered, or certified
  • In California, drivers license or non-drivers ID for unlicensed child care provider
  • Copies of renewal documents if your license, registration or certification expires within the next 30 days, and you do not have a non-expiring license, registration or certification.
  • W-9 form
*The above lists include basic documentation needed to support information provided on forms. Depending on individual circumstances, additional supporting documentation may be requested.

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