Program Close-Out

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Program Close-Out

Each year, near the end of your program year, your Program Officer will conduct a program close-out visit. This visit will be conducted by using the AmeriCorps Program Review Instrument. Programs will be required to present documentation relating to fiscal policy, program policy and member files.

Please see the AmeriCorps Program Review Instrument for details on specific documentation that will need to be available.

Final Close-Out

The Corporation grants are usually awarded for a three year Project Period, consisting of three yearly budget periods. The Serve Illinois Commission is required to submit documentation of program close-outs to the Corporation. Close-out documents are due to your Program Officer no later than 60 days after the close of the grant and should include the following:

Final Project Report

The narrative should include a three page, double-spaced summary of the qualitative accomplishments that the AmeriCorps grant has made for the duration of the grant period. Include a discussion of the impacts of any special initiatives that fall within this grant. Discuss what exists now in the communities that are served that did not exist prior to this grant. Quantitative data may be used to support the impact statements.

Please attach the appropriate cover page, that can be found via the link shown below, and submit to the Commission. This report is not submitted via WBRS.

Final Financial Status Report

A program completing the final year of its three-year grant cycle, must submit a final Financial Status Report (FSR) that is cumulative over the entire project period. This FSR is due within 60 days after the end of the project period. This Final FSR should be completed on the required form and not on WBRS.

Equipment and Supply Inventory Form

A program completing the final year of its three-year grant cycle must submit two (2) inventory forms. One for any equipment inventory with a current fair market value of $5,000 or more purchased with federal grant funds. The second form for unused/residual supplies inventory purchased with federal funds exceeding $5000. Reports should be completed on the required forms. If no equipment or supplies were purchased, forms should reflect such. For more information please refer to the AmeriCorps Provisions.

IDHS Grant Close-Out

At the end of each IDHS grant period, providers will be required to complete a "Grant Reconciliation Form". This form will be provided to the Grantee upon completion of the IDHS grant period.

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