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Recruitment/Retention Monitoring Tool

In light of the CNCS standards for member enrollment and retention, it is important for your Program Officer to monitor their grantees/sites closely to keep track of how they are doing in these areas. The standards are:

ENROLLMENT RATE = Total slots filled/total slots awarded.

  • Enrollment for programs should be over 90%.

RETENTION RATE = Total members exiting with an Education Award/total slots filled.

  • A target of 90% for retention or completion is desired.

CNCS realizes that many programs not yet meeting these rates are nevertheless performing well in their individual circumstances. Also, retention may vary among effective programs depending on the target populations for those programs. However, in order to leverage limited program dollars, CNCS expects programs to strive toward improving their rates of enrollment and retention. During the application process, programs that are not meeting these standards need to offer a rationale for why not, as appropriate.

Recruitment/Retention Rate Calculation

To calculate enrollment and retention using the data in WBRS:

  1. Ignore any extra slots created as a "workaround" to manage refilling slots
  2. Open WBRS Central to your state
  3. Click on the "Members" tab
  4. Click on "Extra Views" tab
  5. Click on "Member Roster" tab
  6. Select a program from the drop down menu
  7. Select a grant year
  8. Click on the "Create Report" button
  9. Scroll to Roster Totals and note the number listed on the Total Members row (A)
  10. Scroll to Roster Totals and determine and note the total number listed for the Slots Awarded column (B)
  11. Scroll through all of the members listed on the report and note how many members have the "[srp]" designation in the Member Status column next to their names (C)
  12. The formula for calculating the enrollment rate is: A / B + C
  13. Under Roster Totals, note how many members "Earned an Award" (D)
  14. The formula for calculating retention is: D / B + C