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Programs need to know what is required of program/sites in terms of member data collection in order to monitor that they have met their reporting requirements. The specific CNCS rules as to when some of these forms must be completed are shown in the table below:

Member Commitment Tracker Forms (on WBRS) Immediately upon offer of a position (enrollment must follow < 30 days later)
Member Information Profiles Must be completed before enrollment can be created
Member Enrollment Forms Within 30 days of enrollment
Change of Term/Status Forms Within 30 days of change
Member Exit Forms Within 30 days of exit
Member Time Logs No requirements, but see note below

A description of each of these forms, as well as instructions for completing them, is available in the WBRS Online Manual. It is important that member forms are completed in a timely manner because the information entered into WBRS is automatically aggregated into the APRs. Timely completion could also play a role in future grant funding decisions, especially for competitively awarded funds.

Time logs track hours served by members in direct service, fundraising and training. (Note: the average of member training hours can be no more than 20% per grantee. Member fundraising hours may be no more than 10% per person.) Time logs need to be completed on a regular basis in order to ensure that the program/site is tracking member hours accurately as time log data is aggregated into the APR, and ultimately the GPR. It is critical that time logs be up to date prior to the submission of these reports. WBRS does not permit Programs to exit members without having previously entered accurate time logs.

WBRS has numerous built-in management tools to help programs monitor member progress. These tools can identify members who are falling behind and at risk of not being able to complete their required number of hours of service to earn an education award before the end of the program year.

WBRS Due Dates

Fiscal Reporting Requirements for AmeriCorps*State Program Cycle 2008-09

PER = Periodic Expense Report (Monthly Report)

FSR = Financial Status Report (semi-annual)

Progress Report (semi-annual)

Report Type Due Date
PER (Monthly) 20th of each month
FSR (Aug - March) April 20, 2009
FSR (April - Sept.) October 20, 2009
Progress Report April 30, 2009
October 31, 2009
Final FSR* January 20, 2010

* End of three year grant cycle


Please understand that there may be times when it will be necessary to submit two PERs and two FSRs on any given due date. This would occur when you are incurring expenses toward two separate program years during the same reporting period. You will report all expenses claimed under each program year accordingly - NOT together. One program year is not completed until the "Final FSR" has been completed.

The last FSR completed for each program year must be marked as a "Final FSR". By marking an FSR as "Final", there can be no further charges claimed toward the corresponding program year (This is a specific question on the FSR form).

* Please download the WBRS Help Manual