Fiscal Reports

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Report Type Due Date
PER (Monthly) 20th of each month
FSR (April - Sept. 2008) October 20, 2008
FSR (Oct.- March 2008/9) April 20, 2009
FSR (April - Sept. 2009) October 20, 2009
Progress Report (April - Sept. 2008) October 31, 2008
Progress Report (Oct. - March 2008/9) April 30, 2009
Progress Report (April - Sept. 2009) October 31, 2009

Periodic Expense Reports (PERs)

AmeriCorps*State programs must submit PERs on a monthly basis in the Corporation for National and Community Services' Web Based Reporting System (WBRS).

PERs from programs are due in WBRS no later than the 20th day of each month for the prior month's expenses. The Illinois Commission will issue a reimbursement payment based on timely monthly expense reports submitted by programs. The monthly payments will result in year-to-date payments being equal to year-to-date reported expenditures, by program.

Failure to report monthly expenditures by the due date will result in a delay in issuing reimbursement payments. If you experience technical difficulties reporting in WBRS, please contact your Program Officer to request an extension.

Financial Status Reports (FSRs)

FSRs are cumulative financial status reports used by the Corporation to monitor sub-grantee spending. AmeriCorps*State programs must submit Financial Status Reports (FSRs) in WBRS semi-annually. These reports are due October 20 and April 20.

The last FSR completed for each program year must be marked as a "Final FSR." By marking a FSR as "Final," there can be no further charges or expenses claimed against the program year. Whether the FSR is "final" is a specific question on the FSR form.

NOTE: There may likely be times when it will be necessary for a program to submit two PERs and two FSRs on the same due date. This happens when expenses are being incurred that are the result of two different program years, i.e., program Year Two and Year Three overlap. Programs should report expenses associated with each program year separately on program year-specific PERs or FSRs.