Budget Modifications

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The Serve Illinois Commission understands that AmeriCorps programs must sometimes modify their budget during the program year.

These budget modification guidelines summarize the AmeriCorps Provisions on this issue. They are intended only as guidance and are not a substitute for the Provisions or other federal rules and regulations. For more information, please refer to the AmeriCorps Provisions.

Deadline and Process

Programs must submit budget modification request to the Commission in a timely manner. While budget modification requests will be accepted on a rolling basis, programs are requested to submit budget modifications that require the approval of the Corporation for National and Community Service by April 1 of the current program year. This will provide sufficient time for the Commission and the Corporation to review the request before members complete their term of service.

Programs submitting a budget modification request must submit the following:

  1. A letter detailing the request and explaining why the modification is needed.
  2. A revised budget form.
  3. A revised budget narrative.

Programs should not consider budget modification requests approved until written notice is received from the Illinois Commission and the Corporation.

Line Item Changes

Programs may move funds between line items without Commission approval if the amount moved is less than 10% of the total federal award. For example, a program that receives a $100,000 grant may move up to $10,000 between line items without approval as long as the transfer is in compliance with all other applicable. Programs who wish to transfer funds totaling more than 10% of the federal award must receive prior approval from the Illinois Commission and the Corporation. (OMB Circular A-11, Subpart C, Section 25.)

Sub-granting Funds

Programs must receive prior approval from the Illinois Commission and the Corporation to sub-grant or subcontract program activities not previously approved in the application for funding. Programs must receive prior approval from both the Commission and Corporation to transfer the grant or to sub-grant to a different organization. For more information, please refer to the AmeriCorps Provisions.


Programs may not purchase equipment costing more than $5,000 with grant funds unless specified in the approved budget or application without prior approval from the Commission and the Corporation. All purchases of equipment and supplies should be handled in accordance with 45 CFR 2541 - "Uniform Administrative Requirements for Grants and Cooperative Agreements to State and Local Governments" or with 45 CFR 2543 - "Grants and Agreements with institutions of Higher Education, Hospitals and other Non-Profit Organizations." For more information, please refer to the AmeriCorps Provisions.

Matching Funds/Voluntary Cost Share

Programs must provide matching funds as agreed upon in the approved application and budget. At a minimum, Programs must meet the proposed level of match every quarter. Programs that do not meet this match at the end of the quarter should include comments on their fiscal reports (both the Periodic Expense Report and Financial Status Reports, when applicable) explaining why the match was not met and how the program will ensure it will meet the match requirement at the end of the next quarter. If comments are not included, a letter from the program addressing these two issues will be required.

Voluntary cost share is defined as cash or in-kind matching contributions that exceed the required minimum levels of match as noted above. Programs will be held accountable for meeting the amount of voluntary cost share they proposed in their application. Programs who cannot meet the proposed levels of voluntary cost share must submit a revised budget and budget narrative to the Illinois Commission and Corporation for approval. All programs are encouraged to raise funds from the private sector. For more information, please refer to the AmeriCorps Provisions.