Health Insurance

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Programs must provide health care coverage to full-time members who do not have adequate health care at the time of enrollment or who lose coverage due to participation in the program. In addition, programs must provide health care coverage if a full-time member loses coverage during the term of service through no deliberate act of his or her own.

If the program already carries minimum benefits at a reasonable cost, they must use existing policies to cover members. If a program is going to use an existing health care policy, a copy of the policy and a summary of its coverage and cost must be sent to the Illinois Commission.

If a program does not have a current policy that carries the minimum health care benefits, using the alternative health care policy administered by Strategic Resource Company/BCS Insurance (SRC/BCS) for AmeriCorps members is required. To obtain this type of health insurance, please contact SRC/BCS directly at (803) 333-1137. Once you contact SRC/BCS, they will send you information to set-up a new account.

*see Aetna Affordable Health Choices® Administrative Manual (separate from this manual)