Living Allowance

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Generally, you must provide a living allowance between $11,400 and $22,800 per year to your full-time members.

A living allowance is not required for half-time, reduced half-time, quarter-time, and minimum-time members. If you choose to provide less than full-time members with a living allowance, you may use the following chart as a guide.

Term of Service Minimum # of Hours Maximum Total Living Allowance MSY
Full Time 1700 $22,800 1
Half Time 900 $12,070 .50
Reduced Half Time 675 $9,050 .375
Quarter Time 450 $6,035 .25
Minimum Time 300 $4,025 .20

Programs occasionally request the ability to deduct amounts from living allowances for absences and other purposes. Programs may make deductions to the non-federal portion of living allowances or other payments made to AmeriCorps members. Programs may not deduct any federal portion of the living allowance paid by Corporation funds.

Before making any deductions, programs are advised to consider implications related to the treatment of employment laws. Further, programs making deductions in this fashion, it may be required to increase their matching funds. Please contact your Serve Illinois Program Officer for more information.