Member Slots

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The allowable slot types and associated FTEs are listed in the table below.

Service Term Service Hours FTEs
Full Time (FT) 1700 1
Half Time (HT) 900 1/2
Reduced Half Time (RHT) 675 0.375
Quarter Time (QT) 450 0.25
Minimum Time (MT) 300 0.2


Use the slot correction process (see WBRS Manual) to make any changes to the distribution of a program's slots.

Slot Corrections for Refill Slots

Slot corrections on refilled slots cannot be done in WBRS at this time; however, your program officer will likely be able to assist you with helpful options. Remember that refill slots don't appear until all awarded slots have been filled. Keep in mind that filled slots include:

  • slots occupied by members who exited with greater than 30% of hours served (shows as an awarded slot that is filled)
  • slots occupied by active (or suspended) members (shows as an awarded slot that is filled)
  • slots that have been vacated by a member with less than 30% of their hours, and then vacated a second time (shows as a refilled slot)
  • refilled slots (shows as a refilled slot)

* See attached file: