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Member Commitment: 

The process of enrolling new members in WBRS begins with recording an applicant's commitment into the AmeriCorps Commitment Tracker (ACT). The Corporation for National and Community Service describes a commitment as follows:

A "commitment" is defined as signing a member contract with an individual or otherwise entering into a legally enforceable commitment as determined by state law. For example, a program may sign a letter of commitment with an individual to begin service in two months. State law may also deem other actions to be an enforceable commitment for an individual to serve.

The Corporation requires the program to enter the person in the ACT within 30 calendar days of the commitment signing. This serves to notify the Corporation of the agreement. Please see WBRS online Help Manual for more information.

Member Information Profile (MIP): 

Create the member's MIP and enroll him/her. The Commission strongly urges you to enroll a member immediately after creating a member's MIP. Please keep in mind the member's MIP is the parent form for all their documents. That means the member's other documents (like the enrollment and exit) inherit some of the data from the MIP. Please take special care to fill out the MIP correctly. The MIP is the basis for all the member forms. If you enter incorrect information, the data on subsequent documents (enrollments, time logs, etc.) for that member will also be incorrect. The incorrect enrollment information will also be downloaded to the Corporation. Please see WBRS online Help Manual for more information.

Member Enrollment: 

All Member Enrollment Forms must be entered and approved on the Web Based Reporting System (WBRS) within 30 days of a member entering or enrolling in the program. Programs may enroll members through October 31 without permission from the Commission. Programs must receive approval from the Commission prior to enrolling members after October 31.

To request approval for enrolling members after October 31, programs must submit a written request stating:

  • The number and type of position to be filled
  • Expected start and end date of the member
  • How the member will be trained
  • How many hours per week the member will need to serve to complete service

*** No full-time member may be enrolled after December 31.

Member Exit:

All Member Exit Forms must be entered and approved on WBRS within 30 days of a member exiting the program. All members must complete their term of service no later than December 31 of the following year. This completion requirement is for all members including those who have had their terms suspended.

Change of Status: 

Programs must have approval from the Commission prior to entering and approving a Change of Status Form in WBRS. Programs shall submit a written letter requesting approval. Refer to the AmeriCorps Provisions for policy guidance and the WBRS online Help Manual for the step-by-step instructions on how to complete this process.


Programs may halt a member's term of service in case of extenuating circumstances so that the member's term of service may be extended dependent on length of suspension. CNCS regulations states a member may return continue his/her term of service up to two years after suspension (45 CFR § 2522.230 Page 101). However, to avoid Illinois contractual conflicts, the Illinois Commission has adopted a more stringent suspension policy; therefore, the Illinois Commissions policy of exiting all members by December 31 of the following year takes precedence.

Note: If you make any changes to WBRS, you must add that same information to the member file. The WBRS system and the member files should include the same information.

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