Commission Training

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The Commission will provide various trainings for programs throughout the year. The following meetings are mandatory:

  • Program Director Meeting
    • Usually held in April and August.
    • All program directors are required to attend these meeting, unless previously authorized by your Program Officer.
  • Opening Day
    • Usually held in October. This is a wonderful opportunity for your members to meet with other members throughout the state.
    • It is mandatory that all programs bring as many members as possible.

The following Serve Illinois/DHS/CNCS sponsored volunteerism and related conferences are encouraged:

  • Transformation Conference
    • A statewide conference (usually in Springfield) organized by the Department of Human Services each spring/early summer with numerous speakers and workshops on prevention-related topics and community-based program development.
  • Stronger Roots-Stronger Branches Conference
    • A statewide conference (usually in the Greater Chicago area) organized by the Department of Human Services each fall with numerous speakers and workshops on strengthening the health and well-being of multi-cultural communities.
  • National Conference on Volunteering and Service
    • National Conference organized by the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) and the Points of Light Institute each summer with an average of 4,500 participants from around the country with breakout sessions on volunteer management, community collaboration, fundraising/sustainability, financial management, AmeriCorps/CNCS programs, member development, program development and a variety of topics on the nonprofit sector in general.

The Commission will also sponsor various other trainings throughout the year based on the needs of the programs for that particular year. A training survey will be sent out at the beginning of each program year to ask for input on trainings for the current program year. All trainings provided by the Commission will be mandatory for all programs.

If you have any requests or suggestions regarding training needs, please contact the Commission by calling 800-592-9896.