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The Serve Illinois Commission

The purpose of the Serve Illinois Commission (SIC) is to promote and support volunteerism and community service in public and private programs to address the needs of citizens. The Commission is a 25-member bi-partisan Governor-appointed board. It includes representatives with experience in local government, labor, education, older adults, public health, non-profits, youth, business, volunteerism and national service. It is organizationally located within the Illinois Department of Human Services (DHS).


We see an Illinois where all citizens recognize their ability and responsibility to help strengthen their communities through voluntary service. We see expanded and meaningful volunteerism throughout rural, suburban, and urban Illinois involving people of all backgrounds, cultures, and ages. We see volunteers making measurable differences in their communities because they are well trained, supported, and on the cutting edge of problem solving.


The mission of the SIC is to improve Illinois communities by supporting and enhancing volunteerism and community service.


The Commission supports volunteerism through:

  • Working with volunteer managers and volunteer centers to help community based organizations improve their ability to maximize their resources.
  • Developing informational materials to increase awareness and to provide assistance to volunteers, volunteer organizations, government agencies and the public at large.
  • Administering AmeriCorps, AmeriCorps Promise Fellows, and Community Based Learn and Serve programs.
  • Enhancing service and volunteerism through awards and other recognition opportunities.
  • Assisting in training and professional development for volunteer managers.
  • Promoting awareness of, and attendance at, existing volunteer management training and networking opportunities through scholarships, newsletters, websites and promoting technical assistance for effective volunteer management.
  • Assisting communities to become involved in homeland security/community safety initiatives, including Citizen Corps.
  • Working with volunteer managers to increase the number of individuals volunteering and involved in their communities.
  • Encouraging strong partnerships among public, private, and nonprofit agencies.
  • Strengthening the statewide network of volunteer support organizations.
  • Promoting diverse programs that are representative of individuals and their communities.