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CNCS (headquarters)

As the primary federal source of funding for national volunteer activities, CNCS is obviously the most important "player on the field". AmeriCorps operates in a decentralized manner that gives a significant amount of administrative responsibility to states and national and local nonprofit groups. CNCS realizes that the many organizations and individuals around the country with which it shares administrative responsibility for AmeriCorps will look to it for assistance on a broad range of issues and problems.

The following table suggests some of the principal support functions that CNCS the office can provide:

Program Oversees programmatic aspects of grants and awards. Program officers serve as the primary liaisons with state service commission and the National Program grantees.
Grants Oversees financial aspects of grants and awards.
Office of Leadership Development and Training Works with national technical assistance providers and with training and technical assistance coordinators in state service commissions.
Trust Manages the education awards for AmeriCorps members.
Public Affairs Oversees media relations, marketing and publications, including the online recruitment website.
Public Liaison Oversees national initiatives, national service days, and all AmeriCorps awards.
General Counsel Provides legal counsel for CNCS and can answer legal questions related to AmeriCorps program management.
Office of the Inspector General Detects and deters waste, fraud, abuse, and violations of law of CNCS funded programs.

There are two main divisions in the AmeriCorps headquarters staff: AmeriCorps*State and AmeriCorps*National. Each State Service Commission has a specific CNCS AmeriCorps*State program officer assigned as their primary liaison at headquarters; each National Program grantee has a specific CNCS AmeriCorps*National program officer assigned as their primary liaison. CNCS program officers are the frontline support for program staff, assisting with any issues that arise including locating needed information and clarifications of policy. Program officers are also the primary monitors at headquarters of how things are going in the states for which they are responsible. Program officers work closely with other units at CNCS to provide quality support to the field.

CNCS State Office

CNCS also operates offices in each state. These offices are responsible for administering AmeriCorps*VISTA projects as well as the three Senior Corps programs. The CNCS employees in these locations assist with the monitoring of National AmeriCorps programs sites, solicit and review Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service grants in their states, and participate in cross-program planning initiatives, including development of State Service Plans. One of them, usually the state office director, serves as an ex-officio member of the State Service Commission.

For a list of CNCS State officers and contact information, please go to: