January 17, 2008 PLANNING & GRANTS Sub-Committee Meeting

Illinois Juvenile Justice Commission

January 17, 2008
12:30 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.
Chicago, Illinois

I. Call to order - Chair Patricia Connell

Meeting was called to order at 12:31 PM.

II. Roll Call

Commissioners: Patricia Connell (Chair), Rodney Ahitow, Pamela Rodriguez, Wayne Straza, George Hill, Gary Leofanti.

Staff/Others: Miguel Millett, Debra Adams, Karrie Rueter, Julie Stremlau, Mary O'Brien, Dan Strick, Ron Smith, Nancy Abatte, Denis Murstein.

III. Fiscal Update

Karrie Rueter gave the Fiscal Update and referenced the one page worksheet.  There is approved funding for the sites. She indicated the site assessments for DMC for Macon and Champaign counties states $50,000.  This will be $25,000 as Champaign has backed out.  This freed up $25,000.  This $25,000 is available to spend this state fiscal year and can be rolled over into the next year.  The projection for 2009 is a 7% overall cut in Title II and there may be a complete elimination of Title V funds.

IV. Federal Performance Reporting Update

An annual performance report was submitted for Title II and Title V.

V. SFY 09 Spending Plan

Due to time constraints, this was tabled.

VI. 3 - Year Plan Update

Due to time constraints, this was tabled.  Input was sought from the Committee, to be sent via email.  Staff will write the plan and submit.

VII. JJMH Proposal

This was a lengthy discussion and is summarized here.  The Collaboration on Youth had a two-year program that appears to have a wealth of information.  There was a lack of funding in terms of evaluation with this program from the beginning.  The committee feels that with some money spent a great deal could be learned about particular interventions and what work best.  The approximate cost is $50,000 to $60,000 but the committee can come up to $25,000 to $30,000 or about half if another partner can be secured to fund the additional money.

The MacArthur Foundation and Illinois Children's Mental Health Partnership funds are an option.  Funding would be contingent upon securing other money.  Dan Strick and Denis Murstein presented the Juvenile Justice Mental Health Proposal.  Youth Network Council (YNC) wants to set up a program to deal with Juvenile Justice children with mental health needs.  The treatment from psychologists, psychiatrists, etc. is needed for these children.  The mental health issues were those that they unable to control.  Young people are coming into the programs and a disproportionate number of them have mental health issues and no resources to use.  The proposal is that with little funding we could deal with this and participate in programs and reduce recidivism.  These young people had serious issues and scored moderate to high on the YASI.  The Health Domain of the YASI was used. Funding, special allocations ran its course when trying to put together and sustain the program. The plan was to access Medicaid dollars but also use the money on non-Medicaid children.  The question is will the Commission help serve the non-Medicaid clients.The YNC group will work with the agencies to get them up to speed Medicaid wise.  This program has been very effective.  The State has been receptive.

It would be community-based treatment to assist Medicaid and non-Medicaid children.  The current agencies can't handle the mental health issues so extra services are needed. If funding were available, we could stabilize these individuals and increase participation.  There are 22 organizations involved.  The children have serious mental health issues and this determination is made by using the YASI (Youth Assessment and Screening Instrument) assessment tool. There is no medical requirement.  There is a need to help serve the non- Medicaid kids. Karrie Rueter stated DHS and the Governor's office are on board with the concept but need to find the money to support it.  The money is not available, at this time.  However, it is actively being sought.

If this proposal is creating a system where Youth Services can obtain Medicaid money we are on board.  State-match to Medicaid eligible kids would be ongoing once it starts.

Wayne Straza added that news of this will circulate and once they start this the Medicaid money will free up the general revenue funds so they could be used.  DHS is looking for the money for this.  It is not there right now.  Pat Connell stated that Steven Guerra, in the Governor's Office, approves of this program and is convinced the money is there.  We are not clear where or when that money will come.

Pam Rodriguez asked if this were to be approved, how long we are being asked to support the non Medicaid kids. One year.  Denis Murstein stated that it is one year, at this time.  After that, he stated they would look at the progress, where it is generated, what it needs to do and is this project worthy of continuing.  Wayne Straza remarked that if we approve this won't all the other agencies start asking for more assistance. W ayne Straza stated he sees no way out of this thing. Pat Connell stated they could be coming back to us each year.  There is the possibility the department will find other dollars or yes they could be here every year.  There are no guarantees.

When this is a working program, a claim to reimburse would be completed and DHS would receive half the cost for those who are Medicaid eligible.  $500,000 is what YNC has asked DHS to give.

Motion to:

1. Recommend funding 50%, $25,000 to $30,000 to pursue further evaluation of previous data collected contingent upon YNC securing additional funds.

DECISION: All in favor, approved.

2. Recommend using $300,000 to fund non-Medicaid youth for JJMH contingent upon DHS committing funds for Medicaid Eligible youth.

DECISION: All in favor, approved.

VIII. Title V - Truancy Reduction Program

Due to time constraints, this topic was tabled.  Will be presented at the next Planning and Grants meeting.

IX. Other Business


X. Adjourn

Meeting was adjourned at 2:01 PM.