2008 January 17 - DMC Sub-Committee Meeting

Illinois Juvenile Justice Commission

January 17, 2008
9:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.
Chicago, Illinois

I. Call to order - Rev. Charles Collins, Chair

Meeting was called to order at 9:36am

II. Roll Call

Present: Rev. Charles Collins, Rodney Ahitow, Miguel Millett, Debra Adams, Dr. Jeffrey Butts, Pamela Rodriguez, Karrie Rueter, Julie Stremlau.

III. Approval of Minutes

Minutes were approved.

IV. Sub-contracting for IJJC State DMC Coordinator

Rev. Collins stated historically the hiring of the IJJC State DMC Coordinator was a process that was inclusive in terms of the discussion between the IJJC Chairman and IJJC DMC Committee Chairman in vote of the DMC Committee and IJJC on the hiring of the DMC Coordinator. Rev. Collins stated this entire process was circumvented. The DMC Committee members were given copies of memos and emails of correspondence that occurred during the hiring process. Rev. Collins, as the Chairman of the DMC Committee and a member of the Commission for many years, stated he was left out of the process and was unaware of what was occurring during the selection process of coordinator candidates. Karrie Rueter responded that she understood some of his concerns, however informed the committee that the DMC Coordinator was not hired without the authorization of the Commission Chair and Mr. Millett was hired within the DMC Coordinator budget previously approved by the committee. Pam Rodriguez added that as Commission Members they must ensure the process works.

Mr. Millett begins his position as the new DMC Coordinator this month. Mr. Millett comes to us with experience in development, coordination and management of programs and services throughout the state. He most recently was the Illinois Steps Ahead/Gear-Up Program Coordinator. Also, Mr. Millett will be attending the three-day Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention sponsored training for New DMC Coordinators. Rev. Collins further stated that he knew Mr. Millett and respected his work. Rev. Collins and the committee welcomed Mr. Millett to his new position.

V. Review the BI Technical Support Contract

Rev. Collins stated the cost is $75,000 for 12 month period, Technical Assistance to statewide and local DMC coordinators and the Commission. The proposal needs to be in contract language. Services are to begin when the contract is finalized by DHS.

The W. Haywood Burns Institute (BI) is a non-profit corporation, located in San Francisco, California. The contract presented will be modified to meet DHS policies and procedures for review and implementation.

Dr. Jeffrey A. Butts presented the proposal for Assessing and Monitoring Disproportionate Minority Contact with the Juvenile Justice System of Illinois. Dr. Butts made the recommendation to modify the project strategy. Dr. Butts informed the members that there are data assembly issues.

We need to get baseline information about DMC. If we demonstrate the effectiveness of the evaluation model we may be able to get Federal money in the future to further fund a larger State evaluation. A survey approach is recommended. They want to complete the study in established counties. It is a big job and it was recommended that smaller communities would be a better choice. Initially Cook County was chosen but it proved to be too costly. Pam Rodriguez suggested the South Suburbs be considered as it is a confined smaller area. A survey is of real value as it is tapping real information not just data. There is background, opinions and specific information when completing the survey process. The core group will tell us how their system is affected by DMC.

Dr. Butts further stated it will establish a baseline for how communities feel about their juvenile justice system. The goal is to analyze responses and get a baseline and complete the survey every 24 months. Measure the effectiveness of DMC in the test areas through the survey and then eventually use it statewide. Rev. Collins stated that the ground work is done but that currently we do not have the data to move forward. Rodney Ahitow would like the schools involved in the survey and recommended that official letters be sent to sites that would indicate the JJ Commission and DHS support this survey. Karrie Rueter recommended the information received from the survey be broken down. Pam Rodriguez asked if we should survey our next site areas. This proposal will be presented to the Commission when the contract is finalized.

Karrie Rueter reminded the committee that there are other groups, such as JDAI, Redeploy, etc. that have a goal to reduce DMC as a part of their initiatives. The suggestion was made to possibly use the Burns Institute initiative to provide Technical Assistance to the boards of those other initiatives as well. Karrie will have to ask BI to revise proposal format prior to issuing a contract.

DECISION: Rodney Ahitow motioned to pass as amended when DHS has finalized the contract. Pam Rodriguez seconded. DI Model Motion Passed.

VI. Review of DMC Programs: Status Quarterly

Rev. Collins presented the committee with the Quarterly Report. He reviewed the content of these reports and answered questions.

VII. Update on 1st Annual Collaborative Juvenile Justice Conference

Rev. Collins shared the Pure News USA newspaper with the group. It contains an article about the DMC award recipients and a quote from Rev. Collins. The article also references the Juvenile Justice Commission Disproportionate Minority Contact Subcommittee recently held a conference and reception in Springfield, IL.

VIII. Connecting the Pathways

An update was given on the work of the committee. The group is planning follow up technical assistance with communities represented at the conference. Future conferences and training are also being discussed

X. Review of the New DMC Sites

A brief overview of the new sites was provided by Rev. Collins. They are each receiving $75,000.

The sites include:


Sauk Village

Macon County

XI. Review the Data Reporting Template

Redeploy is working on a tool for this and we need to collaborate and facilitate the provision of information. DMC needs a template for reporting the data. Rev. Collins indicated that DMC is not at the "table" with JDAI and Redeploy.

Pam Rodriguez stated that all these initiatives are moving forward with their own agenda and we need to get together to share information. The Commission needs to work to bring together all the groups to address the big picture. Karrie Rueter indicated we need coordination of all groups.

XII. Creation of State Agency Quarterly AHOC Meeting DMC

Not discussed.

XIII. DMC Regional Meeting entitle "DMC-Through Our Eyes - A Community Perspective"

Rev. Collins requested approval for a meeting. This meeting is referenced to be like a "town hall" meeting. The Covenant was referenced for similarities to what DMC wants to accomplish from this meeting. DMC wants to achieve discussion and collaboration on DMC to further address the issues from those with the best knowledge and expertise of the subject. Rev. Collins will send out an email with the article referenced for this meeting. Pam Rodriguez stated that a description of DMC is necessary for clarification of what DMC really is and that there needs to be focus on what impact DMC can have. Karrie Rueter informed the group that this meeting will have to be approved by the Commission and DHS. If approved, the Commission and DHS will want real recommendations to follow up on.

DECISION: Rodney Ahitow motioned and Pam Rodriguez approved further information to be gathered on the approval of this meeting and then present again. The DMC Committee gave approval to further investigate this meeting but did not give approval for the meeting, at this time.

XIV. New Business/Other

Nothing to report.

XV. Adjourn

Meeting adjourned at 11:40AM.