Public Notification Requirements and Nondiscrimination Notification

  1. 1. Public Notification
  2. 2. Nondiscrimination Notification

1. Public Notification

  1. The State agency requires its local agencies to include the nondiscrimination policy statement and civil rights complaint procedure on the following (check all that apply):
    • outreach letters to the general public  - Checked
    • program information letters  - Checked
    • program information brochures  - Checked
    • program information bulletins  - Checked
    • newspaper announcements  - Checked
    • internet  - Checked
    • letters of invitation in the public hearing process  - Checked
    • certification forms to be signed by participants  - Checked
    • radio announcements  - Checked
    • publications  - Checked
    • posters  - Checked
    • newsletters  - Checked
    • referral material
    • television announcements  - Checked
    • application forms (including computer-based forms)  - Checked
    • Other (specify):
  2. The State agency requires that the USDA nondiscrimination poster, "And Justice For All," or an FNS-approved substitute be displayed in the following places frequented by applicants and participants:
    • clinic waiting rooms  - Checked
    • food instrument issuance offices
    • group/individual nutrition education areas
    • test kitchens
    • warehouse distribution centers
    • other (specify):
  3. Check the group categories that the State agency and its local agencies (LA) publicly inform of the following information (check all that apply; see key below):
    • 1 2 3
      availability of program benefits X X X
      eligibility criteria for participation X X X
      location of LA/clinics operating WIC Program and (800) telephone numbers X X X
      hours of service of LA/clinics operating WIC Program X X X
      rights and responsibilities X X X
      nondiscrimination policy X X X
      civil rights complaint procedure
  4. 1 = general public

    2 = grassroots/community organizations that deal with potentially eligible minorities

    3 = potential eligibles/applicants/participants

  5. The State agency ensures that advocacy/minority organizations and the general public are informed of the benefits/policies listed above (please provide the appropriate Procedure Manual citation of materials used):
    • annually
    • more frequently

ADDITIONAL DETAIL: Civil Rights Appendix and/or Procedure Manual (citation): WIC PPM, Part 1, Section 5

2. Nondiscrimination Notification

  1. The State agency or local agency:
    • provides applicants/participant with key information, such as applications and materials describing eligibility criteria and procedures for delivery of benefits, in appropriate languages other than English in areas where a significant number or proportion of the eligible population is not English-speaking.  - Checked
    • appropriate bilingual staff, volunteers, or other translation resources are available to serve applicants and participants where a significant number or proportion of the eligible population is not English-speaking. - Checked
    • all rights and responsibilities listed on the certification form are read to or by the applicants and participants in the appropriate language, or if the participant is sight or hearing impaired and requires assistance.  - Checked
  2. The State agency provides WIC Program materials and translators in the following languages (Check all that apply; M = Materials, VT = Volunteer Translators, PT = Paid Translators, BS = Bilingual Staff):
    • M VT PT BS
      English X
      Spanish X
      Vietnamese X
      Chinese X
      Other Asian/Pacific (specify): X
      Tribal (specify):
      Sign Interpreter
      Other (specify): Arabic, Bosnian, Hindi, Polish, and Russian X

ADDITIONAL DETAIL: Civil Rights Appendix and/or Procedure Manual (citation):