Civil Rights

Civil Rights involves the training of State and local staff on issues, rules and regulations related to Civil Rights, public notification of nondiscrimination requirements, the monitoring of local agencies and clinics for compliance with Civil Rights regulations and rules, the collection of relevant racial/ethnic information and procedures for handling Civil Rights complaints.

  1. Administration - 246.4(a)(16): describe the procedures the State will use to comply with the civil rights requirements described in 246.8.
  2. Public Notification Requirements and Nondiscrimination Notification - 246.8(a)(1): describe the policies and procedures used to ensure that public notification regarding nondiscrimination in the WIC Program reaches all participants and potential participants through the materials used and in an appropriate language.
  3. Compliance Review and Monitoring Activity - 246.8(a)(2): describe the procedures and policies used to monitor and review local agencies to verify that they are in compliance with Civil Rights laws and regulations.
  4. Data Collection and Reporting - 246.8(a)(3): describe the methods used to collect and monitor racial/ethnic data.
  5. Complaint Handling - 246.4(a)(16): describe the policies and practices used to ensure Civil Rights complaints are handled properly at the State and local level.