Food Delivery Food Instrument

Food delivery/food instrument accountability and control involves the production, issuance, redemption, and monitoring of automated and manual food instruments through retail systems and the delivery of WIC Program foods by non-retail methods i.e., home delivery and direct distribution.


  1. Food Delivery and Food Instrument Control Overview - 246.4(a)(11)(iii), (a)(14)(i), (a)(14)(vi), and (a)(14)(xii): describe the policies and procedures used in producing, monitoring and accounting for the production of food instruments.
  2. Food Instrument Pick-up and Transaction - 246.4(a)(11)(iii) and (a)(14)(vi): describe the State agency's procedures for issuing food instruments to participants, including procedures for verification, prorating food packages, training and proxy policies.
  3. Food Instrument Redemption and Disposition - 246.4(a)(14)(vi): describe the procedures used to reconcile food instruments as either issued or voided, and as either redeemed or unredeemed, and redeemed food instruments as either validly issued, lost or stolen, expired, duplicate, or not matching issuance records.
  4. Manual Food Instruments - 246.4(a)(6), (a)(11)(iii), (a)(14)(i), (a)(14)(vi) and (a)(14)(ix): describe the procedures for issuing and accounting for manual food instruments, including the procedures for documentation and disposition.
  5. Special Food Instrument Issuance Accommodations - 246.4(a)(11)(iii), (a)(14)(i), (a)(14)(vi), and (a)(21): describe alternatives to participant food instrument pick-up for issuance (e.g., mail or electronic issuance) and how integrity of program services and fiscal accountability are ensured.
  6. Vendor Cost Containment System Certification - 246.12(g)(4)(vi): describe the competitive pricing and reimbursement methods that the State agency will implement to ensure that average payments per food instrument to above-50-percent vendors do not exceed average payments per food instrument to comparable regular vendors.


  1. Home Food Delivery Systems - 246.4(a)(11)(iii), (a)(14)(i), (a)(14)(vi), (a)(14)(vii) and (a)(14)(xii): describe how the State agency's home delivery system operates including the types of authorized home food delivery contractors, the frequency of deliveries, and the procedures for documenting deliveries.
  2. Direct Distribution Food Delivery Systems - 246.4(a)(11)(iii), (a)(14)(i), and (a)(14)(vi), (a)(14)(vii), and (a)(14)(xii): describe the methodology and procedures used in the direct distribution of supplemental foods, including types of foods distributed, warehouse and distribution centers, and the verification process.