Organization and Management

Organization and management involves the procedures for the documentation of staff time at the State level devoted to the various WIC functions, the evaluation and selection of local agencies, the documentation of local agency staffing standards and data, as well as disaster planning.

  1. State Staffing - 246.4(a)(4) and (23): describe the information relating to State level staff requirements and utilization as it relates to WIC Program functions and how the State agency will provide a drug-free workplace.
  2. Evaluation and Selection of Local Agencies - 246.4(a)(5)(i) and (7): describe the procedures and criteria utilized in the selection and authorization of local agencies.
  3. Local Agency Staffing - 246.4(a)(4): describe the State staffing standards which apply to the selection of local agency staff and the means used by the State agency to track and analyze local level staffing data.
  4. Disaster Planning - describe the disaster plans to be implemented in the event of a disaster.