Nutrition Services

Nutrition services represent the full range of activities performed by a variety of staff to operate a WIC Program such as, participant assessment and screening, nutrition education and counseling, breastfeeding and health promotion, food package prescriptions, and health care referrals. WIC State agencies are encouraged to refer to the quality WIC Nutrition Services Standards, available on the WIC Works website, for recommended criteria and best practices to incorporate activities that are consistent with providing quality nutrition services and RQNS. (Questions on Dietary Assessment can now be found in VIII, Certification, Eligibility and Coordination.)

  1. Nutrition Education - 246.4(a)(9); 246.11(a)(1-3)(c)(1,3-8): describe the nutrition education goals and action plan and the provisions for providing nutrition education contacts and materials to all participants including the special nutrition education needs of migrant farmworkers and their families, Native Americans, and homeless persons. Also describe methods to be used to provide drug and other harmful substance abuse prevention information. Establish standards for breastfeeding promotion and support.
  2. Food Package Design - 246.10 (c)(1-7); (e)(1-3): describe the procedures for determining which foods should be authorized and how the food package should be nutritionally tailored and by whom, and plans for substitutions or eliminations to WIC food package.
  3. Staff Training - 246.11(c)(2): describe the training and technical assistance provided to WIC professional and para-professional personnel who provide nutrition education, and breastfeeding promotion/education to participants.