Coordination with the Food Stamp Program

  1. 1. WIC/FSP Information Sharing

1. WIC/FSP Information Sharing

  1. An information sharing agreement between the WIC State agency and the FSP is in effect, as per FNS Instruction 906-1 or other FNS guidance, and is maintained at the State agency:
    • Yes  - Checked
    • No
    • If yes, an updated list of authorized vendors is sent to the FNS field office:
      • Once a year - Checked
      • Regularly, at intervals of less than one year (specify):
      • Periodically, as changes occur
      • Upon request - Checked
      • Other (specify):
  2. State agency compliance investigators coordinate their activities with their FSP counterparts:
    • Yes  - Checked
    • No
  3. State statute, regulations, or procedures restrict the disclosure WIC vendor and FSP retailer information to those permitted under 7 CFR 246.26(e) and (f):
    • Yes (specify):
    • No - Checked

ADDITIONAL DETAIL: Vendor Management Appendix and/or Procedure Manual (cite):